Natural ingredients for a radiant skin!


Your face is your business card; with a well-groomed face you can make a proper entrance. The condition of your skin plays an undeniable role in this. The products of Alphalady Cosmetics have been developed for the conscious woman. The vegetal ingredients support the natural strength of your skin and restore the natural balance where it is disturbed.

A shiny skin or either a dull skin is often the result of a disturbed natural balance. There may be chapped spots, but also pimples or flakes. A disturbed balance can be caused by hormones, allergies, air pollution or a cream that does not comply. The care products of Alphalady Cosmetics consist of carefully combined vegetable oils and active plant extracts. The base oil is Jojoba, because it is the most similar of all oils to the skin’s own tallow. All creams contain a patented, highly effective moisturizing carbohydrate for extra hydration and Aloe Vera that cares for and protects the skin.